Marxist Communism

Marxism promises a paradise on earth, if one casts aside beliefs and scruples:

Apparently, the goal is seducing: a society in which abundance for everyone will prevail, in which there will be no inequalities; the paradise on earth: let us forget Heaven, religion (which was called by Marx “opium of the people”) and, without God, let’s build the perfect society. It asserts that “the target justifies the means”: any mean, to lie, to kill, etc. in order to set up such a paradise in the world, the society without classes, where everybody will have everything. Marxist communism preaches the organized hate against the classes, ideologies or religions which are opposed to it.


Marxist communism echoes the voice of Satan when he told our first parents: “Eat of this fruit and you will be like God”. In order to attain that normal people be able to commit the worse crimes in favor of the cause, it must destroy their belief in God.

That is why, in addition to the militant atheism which translates into an active propaganda about the denial of God, they try to introduce themselves with sweet words -as wolves under a sheep’s skin- among believers, assuring them that they respect their faith, but in reality slowly eroding it and making them turn against the Church.


Communism spread throughout the world by the force of arms, taking often advantage of the existing social injustice, dazing many workers and intellectual people with the bait of the fight against injustice and misery.


Yet, where there was a tyranny or a dictatorship, communists replaced it for a worse one: So, the government of the tsars in Russia was followed by a ferrous communist dictatorship which was founded on millions of murders, on tortures, on concentration camps and on a wild antichristian persecution. Only in Stalin times, the savage communist repression created millions of victims.


Yet, the inhuman despotism of communism really started with Lenin, its founder in practice, who in his complete works asserts: “it is necessary some dread” or “in politics, ethics do not count, the only ethics is efficiency”.


Let us think over this fact: when a tyranny is fought with the same weapons used by tyranny, i.e. based on hate, on a supposedly liberating dread and on the devilish sentence “the target justifies the means”, it is almost sure that the result of such a fight is another dictatorship, equal to or worse than the first one.


It is not really possible that from an evil seed one can obtain good fruits; if the means used to fight against an injustice are unjust and bad, the result of such means, their natural child, will be a new situation of injustice.


Therefore, to say that the target justifies the means is to forget that the target is the son of the means, that all depends on which means are used and that bad means vitiate, spoil, adulterate, give bad fruits and condition the reached goals.   


Thus, we can appreciate the brutal falsification that lays on the grounds of communism: to reach a perfect society by means of a proletarian dictatorship: they will come to a peaceful society by means of murders and tortures; they will come to a society without classes, with equality, by means of a ferocious discrimination that leaves the majority of the population without any rights, etc.


And the results of communism couldn’t be but unlucky and cruel: After its downfall in Russia and the countries of Eastern Europe, from 1989 on, the most part of the population was relieved. It is quite significant that in Poland, where it started to decline, it was the workers of the clandestine Union Solidarnorsc who were the leaders of the fight, by pacific means, against the dictatorial communist system, inasmuch as the supposed dictatorship of the workers devoured those who it pretended to defend.


In the temptations that Jesus withstood in the desert, after having fasted during 40 days, Satan, seeing that he was hungry, said to him: “If you are the Son of God make these stones become bread”. Yet Jesus answers: “Not only of bread lives man, but of any word that comes from the mouth of God”: There is something more important than bread, more important than the material world to which atheistic communism wants to reduce man’s reality: to listen to the Lord’s voice from the bottom of our hearts and to put it in practice.

In the Gospel, we can read: “Look for the Kingdom of God and its justice (its holiness) and you will be given all the rest in addition” This means that, if we search for what God desires, we shall receive the bread, the material goods as well.


As the actual Pope, Benedict XVI[46]pertinently comments: “Where this order or hierarchy of goods (God’s precedence or primacy) is not respected but inverted, one doesn’t reach justice any more, one doesn’t care for the suffering man any more but disorders and destruction are created in the sphere of material goods. Where God is left aside in the name of things that are seen as more important, even considering that one could momentarily or for ever do without Him, then even such supposedly more important things will fail”.


“It is demonstrated not only by the failing of the Marxist experience”- says the Pope in a more extended way – but also in the case of the help by the West to developing or Third World countries. Since it has only been technical-material help, leaving aside God and having postponed the moral and religious values of such countries, it has just been a failed new version of selling the conversion of stones into bread.


“If the heart of man is not good, nothing can become good. Yet the goodness of the heart can only come from That One, who He, Himself is Goodness and Rightness”(Pg 56, mentioned work).


We also quote the words of the Blessed Virgin in a private revelation to the Italian priest Don Esteban Gobbi, the 14thMay of 1989, on the eve of the falling down of communism in Europe:


The big Red Dragon(of the Apocalypse) is the atheist communism which has spread out everywhere the error of the negation and the obstinate refusal of God. The big Red Dragon is Marxist atheism, which appears with ten horns, which means the power of its communication media in order to lead humanity to disobey the Ten Commandments of God, and  with seven heads, each of then covered with a diadem, symbol of power and regal dignity. The crowned heads indicate the nations where the atheistic communism is established, dominating by the force of its ideological, political and military power. The big size of the Dragon clearly shows the big extension of land occupied by the indisputable control of communist atheism. Its color is red because it uses war and blood as a tool for its numerous conquests.


“The big Red Dragonhas succeeded in these years in conquer Humanity with the error of theoretical or practical atheism, which has already seduced all the nations on earth.  In such a way, a new materialist, selfish, hedonist, arid and cold civilization without God, which carries in it the germs of corruption and death” has been created.” The big Red Dragon has the devilish goal to take humanity away from the domain of God, from the glorification of the Holy Trinity, from the total action of our Father’s Design, made possible by the means of the Son. The Lord has imbued me with His light and the Holy Spirit with its Divine Power; that is why I appear like a big sign in Heaven, as a woman   dressed by the Sun, because I have the mission to take humanity away from the domain of the big Red Dragon and to renew it to the perfect glorification of the Holy Trinity”.


The fight for a more just society comes out of love to everybody and, particularly, to the neediest people, to the less valued by society. Therefore, a Christian must participate in it, but by the right means, where hate, dread and lies are excluded.

If it were not in such a way, the fight for emancipation of the poorest people would convert its actors, particularly the most humble classes which participating in it, in murderers, in beings full of hate, in danger of losing the most important aim in the life of man: eternal salvation: “What worth is it for man to win all the world if he looses his soul?”

It would be the same for workers to sell their heavenly primogeniture for a dish of lentils.


Christian people cannot collaborate with Marxist communism: its conception of the fight of the social classes is essentially antichristian. “It doesn’t search a cure against injustices by the conversion of unjust people, but by violent destruction of the adversary, considered with a Manichean criterion as absolutely and hopelessly evil. Therefore, it replaces an injustice with another injustice and Christian charity, which commands us to love even our enemies, with systematic hate”.[47]


God is Love and He wants that, through him, we love even our enemies, without this meaning that we cannot defend ourselves from injustice by using good means and without falling into hate and wishing the best for the unjust as well, as his conversion and the end of injustice is the best for him and for the people who may be suffering from his unjust action.  

[46]Joseph Ratzinger: “Gesù di Nazaret”, 2007. We have translated from the Italian text, forth edition. Pgs 54-57

[47]Document of the Bishop’s Conference of Colombia: “Christian identity in the action for justice” November of 1976,  seen in “Cuestiones y respuestas”, Esquemas de Documentación Doctrinal, OBISA, Madrid, 1977, Pg. 108