Does reincarnation exist?

Let’s begin by quoting from a paragraph in Maria Valtorta’s work, which, although it is a private revelationnot yet accepted by the Church even if apparently the beatification process of this contemporary Italian woman has begun. It can be considered an inspired work (“The man God”, 4th band, Pg 603) where Jesus himself speaks about the reincarnation theory with the following words:


“Once finished their stage on earth, souls do not go into any other body. They don’t go back to any animal, because it is not suitable that something so supernatural goes to live in the body of a brute. It does not go back to another man either, since, in the Last Judgment, how could a body joined to a soul be rewarded, if this soul had several bodies attached to it like different outfits? Followers of such a theory (reincarnation) say that it is the last body which enjoys eternal life, because the soul only reaches the perfect stage to be rewarded in the last reincarnation, through successive purifications during the several lives. Error and offence! It is an error and an offence against God, because it is to say that God could only create a limited amount of souls. It is an error and an offence against man, because it is to consider the man so corrupted that he cannot be judged for a single life. He will not receive his price immediately either; most often he will have to pass through a purification  at the end of his life. Purification means to prepare oneself to joy. Therefore, a man who is being purified is a man who is saved.


And if he is saved, he will enjoy it with his body, after the last day. He will not have but one body for his soul, but one life which he will share with the body which he received from his parents and the soul which the Creator gave him to vivify him.


It is not possible to reincarnate, as it is not possible to go back in time, but it is certainly possible to create oneself again by an act of free will, and God blesses and helps this process.. You will see then that the sinner…is reborn again under the bath of repentance, he is spiritually reborn, destroying the corrupted  pulp of the old man, defeating the “me” thought, still more corrupt, as if the will to redeem oneself were an acid attacking and destroying the unhealthy covering of a hidden treasure, laying bare a purified, healthy spirit, coated with a new thinking, with a new, pure, good and childish dress. Oh! A dress that allows him to approach God, to cover his recreated soul with dignity, to protect and help it, until the super creation of itself, which is the reached holiness that tomorrow – a very far tomorrow perhaps if we consider it in human terms but a very near tomorrow, if we look at it thinking from eternity -   will be glorious in Kingdom of God.


Everyone can, if he wants to, create again that pure child of the childhood years, who was loving, humble, clear, good, whom the mother  embraced and whom the father looked proudly upon, whom God’s angel loved  and to whom God looked with love”.


On the other side, in the Bible (Hebr. 9, 27), we can read:“… And just as it is appointed unto men to die once and after this comes the judgment”.Therefore, we have not several lives on the earth, since we die just once.”