Are all religions good, Are all true?

When we have troubles with our health and we must look for a doctor, we try to find a good one. We do care which it is, because we don’t want to gamble with our life. Well then, at the time we choose a religion, there is more at stake: our eternal, never ending life. Therefore, we cannot be satisfied and shrug ours shoulders stating that “all religions are the same”. We must check whether one or all are true.

Are we allowed to say that all religions are true? How can we state, i.e., that the religion of some American Indians, who sacrificed human victims to their gods, was true and assert at the same time that the Christian religion, in which killing is forbidden, is also true? How can one agree at the same time that to kill is good (makes the gods happy) and that to kill is a sin against God and our neighbour? In the Bible- the sacred book for Christians –God condemns the practice of some pagans who sacrificed their own children in order to get into the gods’ good books.

Can one say that Islam, which asserts that Jesus Christ is not God but just a prophet and the Christian religion, which says that Jesus Christ is God incarnated, are both true? A plain man would answer: One of both lies, because one says that Jesus isn’t God and the other one that he is God.

Can one say that the Jewish religion of our time, which asserts that we must hate our enemy and must return evil with evil, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, and the Christian religion which even exhorts us to love our enemies and to pay evil with goodness are both true? Both assertions cannot be true at the same time. We must choose whether to hate our enemies or love them and pay evil with goodness.

Are Buddhism and Christianity both true when one states that God doesn’t exist and the other claims only one God? God exists or God doesn’t exist. Both religions cannot be true at the same time.

We see that we cannot sustain that all religions are true: some of them are forcibly false. If the different religions believe in things which are not compatible, which cannot be true at the same time, we must conclude that it is nonsense to say that all religions are true.

Following our argument about the above mentioned religions, we can arrive to the conclusion that, if the religion of some American Indians, with human sacrifices, the Muslim, the Jewish or the Buddhist religions are true, then the Christian religion is false. On the contrary, if Christian religion is true, then the religions of some American Indians, the Moslems, the Jewish or the Buddhists, are false.

It is a different matter if a person with a false religion can be saved if he or she is in error without guilt, following his or her conscience, believing that he or she is acting well. This person will be saved, not because his or her religion is true, but because he or she is good and follows what his or her conscience says is good, not being guilty of the fact that he or she is living in error. (In this sense and not in another one, we can say that the sweet Holy Spirit  provides a connection link amongst people of good will, independently from which sociological, ideological or religious branch they come from).