A Miracle on The Eucharist

Being of interest about the Eucharist, we narrate the dialogue referring a miracle of the Eucharist, which happened in Garabandal, July18th1962, during the apparition of the Blessed Virgin to some girls (the apparitions of Garabandal have not yet been officially approved by the Church).


The miracle, which was announced beforehand by the Blessed Virgin, consisted in that, when one of the girls stuck her tongue out to receive communion from an angel, a white sacred form instantly appeared on the empty tongue.


Although we must wait for the definitive judgment of the Church, the following dialogue is interesting in order to understand the meaning of the Eucharist for the good of the well prepared soul and for the bad of the unprepared soul, showing the mercifulness of God regarding the latter.


The dialogue: (“Dialogue between Dr. Caux, a famous French physician who attended to famous women and Mr. Damians of Barcelona”) (See “ Se fue con prisas a la montaña” (“He went in a hurry to the mountains”) by  Eusebio García de Pesquera, 1979, Pamplona, Pgs. 402-404):


DR. CAUX: So, it was you who made the film at the communion of Conchita…I was eager to meet you in order to discuss about what happened that day! May I put some questions to you?


MR. DAMIANS:I’m also very pleased to meet you. You can ask anything you want.


DR. CAUX: I have carefully read the report but I would like some more details.


MR. DAMIANS:You have to understand that, even if the report is quite complete, I was not able to write what I felt inside myself; I don’t know how to write it!


DR. CAUX: Tell me, were you watching all the time?


MR. DAMIANS:When I was near the girl, I only looked at her and I can swear that I didn’t lose sight of her tongue at any moment. Of course, perhaps I blinked for a moment, but you know, that would have been a fraction of a second. And I saw how, in less time than a blink, the host appeared on that tongue. Without any time passing, I would say to explain it better.


DR. CAUX: Why didn’t you film from the beginning?


MR. DAMIANS:I was astonished!. When I became conscious (I don’t know If I really did, because I don’t remember how I filmed), I took the camera and I got to film the last seconds of the miracle.

DR. CAUX: Did you think for a moment about touching the holy form?




DR. CAUX: Was the tongue of the girl in a normal position?


MR. DAMIANS:I would say that it was more stretched than usual to take communion.


DR. CAUX: Let me now put a question to you that I have wanted to ask you for some time. Did you feel in that moment such a big, extraterrestrial joy that you couldn’t share it with anybody, that you wouldn’t change it for anything, not even for a thousand million pesetas?


MR. DAMIANS:That is a question I have asked myself very often and almost using the same words. Certainly, I wouldn’t change the happiness that I felt in those moments for a thousand million pesetas or for anything in this world. It was such an intense and deep joy that I cannot explain it to you, nor share it with anybody.  Something exceptional! Something for which I would sacrifice my life, that did not allow me to later follow the ecstasy of the girl or to go where my wife or anybody else was; I could only stay in a corner, crying in silence.


DR. CAUX: I’m very pleased to hear this because it is what I thought. I still have two

things I would like to know: why was your joy so big? And were you during those moments in a state of grace? I beg your pardon for my boldness; don’t answer me if you don’t want to.


MR. DAMIANS:I’m very pleased to answer you. I was in the grace of God. I was moved not by the miracle in itself, not by seeing the girl with something white on her tongue (someone says that the host had a cross in the center; others that it was a double cross; I didn’t see anything like that)…I want to tell you a great thing: what I saw or what impressed me most was that I felt I  was meeting the true and live God. That’s why I wouldn’t change this for anything. That’s why, if God wanted me to witness the announced miracle, I would be very pleased; but if it is not like that, what do you want me to say? I doubt that anything else in this world can produce in me the impression I had “seeing Him!” in that great and solemn moment of my life.


DR. CAUX: You don’t know how happy you make me and, on the other hand, how unhappy you make me. I felt the same as you but upside down! Pay attention: I had everything ready in order to film, I had everything at hand and….all got wrong and I couldn’t film anything. Only at the last moment, in the last fraction of a second, I got to see the host, which, swallowed by the girl, promptly disappeared. In that moment, I had the impression of being suffocated by an awful and horrible ache!The ache of a God which I began to see and which went away…In that moment, I only thought (I didn’t think it before!) that I was in mortal sin.I cried, like you,but of pain.I understood what sin and hell are…It was useless that my wife tried to console me; I couldn’t explain anything to her nor would she have understood me. That was too big a sorrow to be shared or to receive consolation.. That’s why I believe that, only if God allows me to see the Miracle (now that I try to be always in grace), such a deep sorrow which I thought would kill me and which still brakes my heart will disappear …. That night in Garabandal I even had the impression that people dodged away. As if they were seeing my sin!


MR. DAMIANS:I understand everything, my friend. And I must tell you that it was not only your impression, it was true. The village thought you had come with a woman who was not your wife; they even asked me that to try and throw you out from there… Now I understand why God didn’t allow that you were thrown out. You stayed and you had more sorrow than the sorrow you could have had with a violent expulsion.

DR. CAUX: You are right! But I really prefer all that happening like that for nowI know what God isand what He wants of me,what the hell of not to see God meansand how this sorrow ( I would give all my fortune to have avoided it) was lightened by confession (and now also by the hope of witnessing the Miracle someday)… They can say what they want, but although some will laugh, I cannot give up my service for this cause of Garabandal, to which I owe something as great and deep as unknown and that I hope disappears or calms down the day of the Miracle. The sight of hell moves me to move people, announcing what has happened, what will happen in order that they can be saved… My family was the first to think that I was mad, although now they don’t think so. But I can assure you that it doesn’t matter what people believe now;the only thing that matters me is God.